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Thames Oak Collection Console Table

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Product dimensions

Width: 850mm Height: 760mm Depth: 300mm

Product Description

Welcome to the enchanting world of our Thames Oak collection, where the art of seamlessly merging modern design with the timeless allure of oak wood brings a delightful blend of warmth, utility, and sophistication to your home. This meticulously curated range is a testament to the harmonious fusion of contemporary aesthetics with the organic charm of natural finishes, making it an ideal addition to modern living spaces.

In an era where effective space utilization is paramount, the Thames Oak collection takes center stage with its sleek and compact design, meticulously tailored to cater to the unique needs of modern homes. With a diverse selection of over thirty unique pieces, this collection ensures that every corner of your living space, from the cozy living room to the inviting dining area and the tranquil bedroom, is thoughtfully furnished with pieces that are both stylish and functional.

One of the standout pieces in this Thames Oak collection is our two-drawer console table, designed to add a stylish touch to any living space. This versatile piece is perfect for use wherever you require a high surface and a little extra storage, be it in the living room, hallway, or other areas of your home. It boasts a spacious surface area, offering ample room for various purposes, while the two storage drawers provide organized storage for your essentials. Additionally, the low shelf offers extra storage space, ensuring your living space remains both stylish and well-organized.

The two-drawer console table isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a reflection of the Thames Oak collection’s commitment to blending form and function seamlessly. It ensures that your living space remains elegant and practical, with ample surface space and storage options for your convenience. With the Thames Oak collection, your home transforms into a haven of practicality and style, where each piece embodies the essence of modern living at its finest.

•Crafted from Oak, oak veneer, rubberwood, pine and MDF.

•Compact with a small footprint.

•Sleek design, with a great comprehensive selection of pieces, in petite sizes, all perfect for the modern home.

•Supplied with an oval metal handle and a round wooden knob for choice, to suit any home décor.

•Moulded tops, dovetailed drawers and finished in a light protective lacquer, for a clean and modern look.

•Heavy duty packaging

•Part of our exciting and exclusive Thames Oak Range

•This is a solidly constructed piece of furniture and part assembly is required

•The Thames Oak Range is available to view in store at Homely Furniture 2Go, Minster Lovell Oxfordshire OX290SG

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